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Twilio is a cloud communications platform that allows developers to integrate communication features like SMS, voice calls, video calls, and more, into their applications and services. Connect Twilio to Superblocks to create custom internal tools to programmatically send text messages, update media, and manage short codes.

Setting up Twilio

Create an access token

To get started, locate your Twilio auth token or create an API key:

  1. Log in to the Twilio Console
  2. Expand the Account dropdown in the top right and select API keys and tokens
  3. Click Create API key
  4. Name the key and click Create
  5. Copy the SID and Secret before clicking Done to configure your integration

Learn more about working with Twilio's API.

Add integration

Once you have an access token, you're ready to set up your Superblocks integration.

  1. In the web app, navigate to the Integrations page
  2. Click on the Twilio tile
  3. Name the integration
  4. Paste your credentials into the relevant fields
  5. Optionally, add more configurations to set credentials for different environments
  6. Click Create

Twilio connected Now you can use Twilio in any Application, Workflow, or Scheduled Job.

Use Twilio in APIs

Once your Twilio integration is created, you can start creating steps in Application backend APIs, Workflows, and Scheduled Jobs to call Twilio API actions. Twilio actions are REST requests. To learn more about REST requests in Superblocks, see the Building REST requests guide.

Supported actions

Retrieve collection of calls

Retrieves a collection of calls made to and from your account

Create outgoing call

Create a new outgoing call to phones, SIP-enabled endpoints or Twilio Client connections

Fetch call

Fetch the call specified by the provided Call SID

Redirect or terminate call

Initiates a call redirect or terminates a call

Delete call record

Delete a Call record from your account. Once the record is deleted, it will no longer appear in the API and Account Portal logs.

Fetch call feedback

Fetch a Feedback resource from a call

Update call feedback

Update a Feedback resource for a call

Fetch single media for message

Fetch a single Media resource associated with a specific Message resource

Delete media

Delete the Media resource.

Read list of media for message

Read a list of Media resources associated with a specific Message resource

Retrieve messages

Retrieve a list of Message resources associated with a Twilio Account

Send message

Send a message

Fetch message

Fetch a specific Message

Update message

Update a Message resource (used to redact Message `body` text and to cancel not-yet-sent messages)

Delete message

Deletes a Message resource from your account

Create message feedback

Create Message Feedback to confirm a tracked user action was performed by the recipient of the associated Message

Fetch short code

Fetch an instance of a short code

Update short code

Update a short code with the following parameters

Retrieve short codes

Retrieve a list of short-codes belonging to the account used to make the request
and 4 more

Generic HTTP Request

Every SaaS integration in Superblocks comes with a built in Generic HTTP Request Action. This is a powerful action you can use to call Twilio API endpoints not in the Superblocks supported actions.

To use this action simply add the method, path, required query parameters, and body for the desired endpoint.


Learn more about REST requests in Superblocks in our Building REST requests guide.

Generic HTTP Requests use the authentication set up and base URL you've configured for your integration, making it an easy for your team to extend Superblocks Integrations to meet their needs.