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Source Control


If running the On-Premise Agent, upgrade your agent to v1.0.5+ to access Source Control.

Seamlessly integrate Superblocks with your software development workflow using Source Control in Superblocks. Collaborate on apps, workflows, and jobs seamlessly using branches while efforlessly managing and tracking changes in GitHub or GitLab.

Empowers stakeholders across your organization through a simplified software development workflow.

  • Developers collaborate seamlessly on branches to maximize productivity and minimize friction when working on new features in parallel.
  • Team leads and product managers can test and share feedback using previews, accelerating feedback cycles to increase the quality and utility of internal tools.
  • Business users receive highly reliable, bug-free tooling to optimize productivity and improve operational efficiency.

Setup Quickstart‚Äč

Follow these guides to setup Source Control with Superblocks:


Connect GitHub Cloud repositories to sync changes automatically.


Connect GitLab Cloud repositories to sync changes automatically.

Other Git Providers

Learn how to use Source Control providers not supported by Superblocks.

Add Apps to Source Control

Add Superblocks Applications to your connected repository.