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Monitoring the OPA

To monitor the health of your On-Premise Agents, go to the OPAs page in app. This page shows all of your agent replicas and their current health status. Healthy agents will show up as "Active" while unhealthy agents appear as either "Disconnected" or "Browser Unreachable."

Since the agent is deployed behind a load balancer, the cluster is considered healthy provided at least one agent is "Active". If all of the agents within an agent cluster are "Disconnected" or show as "Browser Unreachable", Superblocks will not be able to execute API requests for that agent's environment. To troubleshoot disconnected or unreachable agents, see the Troubleshooting guide.

two active agents reporting in Superblocks


For more visibility into agent logs and performance of your APIs in Superblocks, we recommend setting up Monitoring and Alerting (Observability) with your preferred vendor.