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Build any backend business logic

Every successful internal application and automated workflow is built upon robust business logic.

In Superblocks, developers build backend business logic visually - across Apps, Workflows, and Scheduled Jobs - using a dead simple low-code interface that scales as complexity increases while maintaining the precision, flexibility, and extensibility of custom code.

Building backend logic in Superblocks comes with a few key benefits:

  • Usability - Through an intuitive drag and drop interface, developers build business logic that reads like code but is much simpler to understand, augment, refactor, and debug.
  • Flexibility & extensibility - Developers can extend infinitely by integrating with any data source, using Control Blocks for logical control flow, and writing custom code in Python or NodeJS, avoiding traditional low-code constraints
  • Performance - Enterprises can confidently build mission-critical apps, workflows, and jobs in Superblocks that run on the server-side, undergirded by cloud compute which scales elastically for maximal throughput and minimal latency.

Integrate with any database or API

Build on top of Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, S3, BigQuery, Salesforce, Zendesk, REST APIs and more.

Learn more about integrating with any data source.

Eliminate boilerplate logic

Handle pagination, promises, parallelization, error handling and other common logic & control flow visually with Control Blocks.

Learn more about building with Control Blocks.

Extend infinitely with code

Write Python and NodeJS to customize logic without limits. Import libraries like Pandas, Plotly, Lodash, or MomentJS.

Learn more about writing backend code.

Debug, test, and optimize with AI

View traces to pinpoint errors and long-running operations, then use a context-aware AI assistant to resolve issues

Learn more about debugging with AI.