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Backend APIs

Make your Superblocks Applications dynamic by connecting Databases, REST and GraphQL APIs and by writing JavaScript and Python code in Backend APIs.

Build any backend business logic

Build any backend business logic visually to integrate with any database or third-party API, eliminate boilerplate logic for pagination, parallelization, and promise handling, extend infinitely with Python and NodeJS, and debug, test, and optimize using AI.


Use the Condition block to conditionally run steps in APIs.

Control Blocks

Use control blocks to introduce complex logic within a backend API.

Loop and Break

Use the Loop block to iteratively run a step and the Break block to break out of a loop when a condition is met.

On PageLoad

Use the on PageLoad event handler to fetch data from a database or API or execute business logic when a user opens or refreshes Superblocks Applications.

Parallel and Wait

Use the Parallel block to run multiple steps at the same time and the Wait block to waits for a Parallel block to complete.


Use the Return block to return data from an API.

Stream and Send

Use the Stream block to stream data from an external source and the Send block to send a message that will be handled by an onMessage handler.


Use the Variables block to set variables to be used in other blocks.