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The Superblocks Platform

All-in-one internal tooling platform for developers - Assemble any UI. Query any datasource. Automate any workflow. Schedule any job. All in one place

Superblocks is the fastest way for developers to build powerful custom internal tools for their Support, Operations and Sales teams.

  1. Connect Integrations: Connect your production Databases, Cloud Data Warehouses, Internal APIs, 3rd party REST or GraphQL APIs, Spreadsheets, File Storage and more
  2. Build Beautiful Applications: Drag and drop UI components (Tables, Charts, Forms, Gridviews, Images, Videos) onto Layouts (Navigation, Modals, Slideout Panels) and connect it to APIs with business logic in Javascript or Python
  3. Automate Workflows: Create multi-step Workflows and call it like any REST endpoint via cURL, Postman, your code or a 3rd party Webhook
  4. Schedule Jobs: Create multi-step jobs like ETL, batch processing, slackbots and trigger on a schedule every minute, hour, day, week or month

You can also secure your applications with SSO, Audit Logs, Granular Permissions and monitor your users with Analytics and apps with Application Observability.

Connect Integrations

Superblocks supports everything in your stack, no more glue code. You can call any REST and GraphQL API too. Get started connecting integrations.

Build Beautiful User Interfaces

Superblocks allows you to drag, drop and configure data for Tables, Charts, Forms, Grids, Images, Videos and more.

Create Powerful APIs

Superblocks enables you to create APIs that tie directly into inputs from the User Interface, you can query any datasource and reference any component dynamically.

Automate Workflows

Superblocks Workflows can be called via your code, so you can fire off an alert to slack, an email to customer or update data in your database.

Schedule Jobs

Superblocks Scheduled Jobs can be used for batch processing, ETL, reporting or slackbots that fire every minute, hour, day, week or month

Monitor Apps

Understand the trends of users in your internal application and monitor with the best-in-class tools like Datadog, New Relic, Splunk and the ELK stack.