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Control Blocks


If running the On-Premise Agent, upgrade your agent to v1.x.x to access Control Blocks.

Control Blocks make it easy to control how an API behaves, with all the power you’d expect from custom code but in an easy to use drag and drop interface.

With Control Blocks, you can:

To use Control Blocks, select the Control Blocks tab when adding any step in Application backend APIs, Workflows, or Scheduled Jobs.

add control blocks

Learn more on how to use each of the different Control Blocks below.


Conditionally run steps.

Loop and Break

Iteratively run a step and break out of a loop conditionally.

Parallel and Wait

Run multiple steps at the same time and wait for completion.


Return data from an API.

Stream and Send

Stream data from external sources and send a message to an onMessage event handler.

Try Catch and Throw Error

Handle errors gracefully and throw custom error messages.


Set variables to be used in other blocks.