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Developer preferences

Developer preferences allow users to configure how the Application Builder will behave when developing apps in Superblocks.

These preferences are stored in the user's browser via local storage. This means any preferences are:

  • Specific to the developer and are not shared across the account
  • Persisted as the developer switches between applications
Developer preferences panel opened in the left sidebar

You can access developer preferences from the left sidebar navigation, by clicking the gear icon and selecting Preferences.

Settings menu in left sidebar containing developer preferences


Since preferences are stored in your browser, clearing your browser cache will reset any preferences to default.


SettingBehaviorDefault value
Trigger frontend event handlers when running APIs manuallyControls whether an API's frontend event handlers are triggered when a user manually runs the API using the Run API button or cancels the API using the Cancel API button in the API builder.

If this setting is disabled, any response event handlers will not be invoked.