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Deploy to Multiple Environments

By default, On-Premise Agents handle requests for all integration profiles. To configure agents to execute workloads for a specific profile, deploy separate agents to each of your environments or VPCs, and set the SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_TAGS environment variable directly or with one of the deployment-specific methods below. The value is a comma separated list of key-value pairs in the form profile:<PROFILE_NAME>. Some examples include:

# Execute APIs for only the production profile

# Execute APIs for both the development and staging profiles

# Execute APIs for all profiles (default)

To configure agent tags, set the following variable depending on your deployment method.

superblocks_agent_tags = "profile:<VALUE>"

Agent version compatibility

SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_TAGS is available in Agent version 0.83.0+. It supersedes and will eventually replace the previously used SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_ENVIRONMENT setting. If you already have agents deployed using the SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_ENVIRONMENT variable, these agents will continue to work and successfully serve traffic for the environment you’ve specified (*, production, and staging). Once SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_TAGS is set on an agent, its values will be used instead of those set in SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_ENVIRONMENT.