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Local Docker

Estimated deployment time: 2 minutes

For testing purposes, you can install the agent on your local machine with Docker Compose following these steps.


Meant for testing only. A local deployment means you are the only user who can access the agent from Superblocks. To deploy the agent for use across your organization, use one of the production deployment methods.

Install and run container on your machine


To generate a SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_KEY, go to the Superblocks On-Premise Agent Setup Wizard.

curl -s | \
SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_HOST_URL="http://localhost:8080" \
docker compose -p superblocks -f - up

If you use the EU Superblocks instance, set SUPERBLOCKS_AGENT_DATA_DOMAIN to

Connect to a local database

To connect your agent to a locally running database, you must specify host.docker.internal in the Superblocks integration config, not localhost. More on this here.