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Branches are only available for Applications under Source Control. Learn how to Set up Source Control.

Branching lets you isolate your development work from other changes being made by your team. In Superblocks, branches let you build and ship new features independently without worrying about accidentally releasing changes being added by others on your team. Use branches to:

  • Develop new features, fix bugs, or make changes without affecting the main or production codebase.
  • Collaborate with teammates by working in parallel on features without conflict.
  • Test and experiment without impacting the stability of your main Application.

Creating branches

Start a new line of development on your Application by creating a branch for your changes. To create a branch:

  1. From your Application, click the Branch selector on the top left of the Application nav
  2. Click the + icon and specify your new branch name
  3. Click Create

After creating your new branch, you'll be immediately switched to that branch. Note, only your committed changes will be copied to the new branch.

Switching branches

To switch to a different branch:

  1. Click the Branch selector
  2. Select the branch you want to switch to

When switching branches, uncommitted changes on your current branch will not move with you to the new branch. You'll see your changes again when you come back to this branch.

Deleting branches

Once you're done developing on your branch, you can delete it by:

  1. Click the Branch selector
  2. Select the branch you want to delete
  3. Click into the options menu and click Delete

Note that deleting a branch from Superblocks does not delete the branch in your Git repository.

What's next?

Once you're on the desired branch clone, you're ready to edit your Application. Changes are local to the branch and don't affect other branches. From here you can: