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If running the On-Premise Agent, upgrade your agent to v1.0.5+ to access Source Control.

Source Control makes it simple to version control all of your Applications, Workflows, and Scheduled Jobs in your git based source control provider of choice, including GitHub and GitLab.

With Source Control in Superblocks, you can:

  • Create branches in Superblocks so multiple developers can collaborate on code.
  • Commits and push your changes directly to your git repository to track every change to your code.
  • Review changes so teammates can test and provide feedback before changes are released.
  • Sync to Superblocks so code changes made anywhere end up back in Superblocks.

Development Lifecycle

With Source Control, new features are developed first on branches in Superblocks. When your changes are ready, commit and push them to your repository with Superblocks's native integration to GitHub or using the Superblocks CLI.

After your changes are reviewed and you've merged your PR, sync changes back to Superblocks with the Superblocks CLI, popular CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions, GitLab Pipelines, and CircleCI, or by manually importing them from the Superblocks UI.

Development Lifecycle

Getting Started

To get started using Source Control in Superblocks:

  1. Configure a GitHub or GitLab repository for Source Control and connect it to Superblocks
  2. Use the Superblocks CLI to add applications to your repository
  3. Start building and reviewing your changes with Git!