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For now, the Superblocks REST API integration can be used to connect to the Jira REST API. Full guide on this below:


Connect Superblocks to Jira to build internal tools that read from and write to your Jira instance.

Setting up Jira

Before getting started in Superblocks, set up an API token in Jira to use for Basic Authentication.

1. Add integration

In Superblocks, select REST API from the integrations page.

2. Configure settings

Fill out the form with the following settings:

NameTRUEName that will be displayed to users when selecting this integration in Superblocks
AuthenticationTRUEAuthentication method used (choose Basic Authentication and add your Jira username and API token)
HeadersFALSEAdditional headers
ParamsFALSEAdditional query parameters

3. Save

Click Create to save the integration.


If using Superblocks Cloud, add these Superblocks IPs to your allowlist (not necessary for On-Premise-Agent)

4. Set profiles

Optionally, configure different profiles for separate development environments.


Jira Connected You can now query Jira in any Application, Workflow, or Scheduled Job.

Creating Jira steps

Connect to your Jira integration from Superblocks by creating steps in Application APIs, Workflows and Scheduled Jobs. Examples of using the Jira API to create and search for issues, mangage projects, and assigning tickets can be found here.