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Connect Superblocks to DynamoDB to build apps with read and write access to a DynamoDB database

Setting up DynamoDB

1. Select DynamoDB from the in-app integrations page

Select DynamoDB from the in-app Integrations page and fill out the form with the following configuration:

  • Display Name - Name that will be displayed to users when selecting this integration in Superblocks
  • Region - the AWS region that the DynamoDB is hosted in, e.g. us-east-1.
  • Access Key ID - Access credentials for your AWS account.

2. Fill out the form and click "Create Integration"


Tip Add Superblocks IPs to your Allowlist if necessary

3. Set environments

Your integration will be saved, however you will be able to set different connection settings for your staging and production environment. Be sure to click Test Connection for each environment.


DynamoDB Connected Now you can create a new Application, Workflow, or Scheduled Job and read/write to DynamoDB.

Creating DynamoDB steps

Connect to your DynamoDB integration from Superblocks by creating steps in Application APIs, Workflows and Scheduled Jobs. You can configure a Superblocks DynamoDB integration with read only, read/write, or write only IAM Users. You can then configure a Superblocks DynamoDB step to read from a database, as well as modify/delete data.


Superblocks also supports connecting to AWS services with Boto3 in Python steps if you require additional functionality.


Check out our guide on common errors across database integrations. And if you are encountering an error that you don't see in the guide, or the provided steps are insufficient to resolve the error, please contact us at