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Technical Guides

Each Guide demonstrates how to build a specific feature in Superblocks.

List of available Guides‚Äč

Call different APIs on tab selectExplains how to call an API specific to the Tab clicked by the user in an Application.
Create a custom Sidebar ComponentCreate a Sidebar to help users navigate your Applications.
Pull the users IP addressExplains how to pull the users IP address when building Applications.
CRUD actions in a tableSet up an application for basic CRUD actions from a table to a database
Persist filters with table bulk editPersist table filters when using table bulk edit
Setting Up Profile Selector DropdownHow to set up a Profile switcher in your Application
Server Side Pagination for APIHow to utilize server-side pagination against REST API requests
Create and email spreadsheet filesHow to create and email spreadsheet files
Create a real-time chatbot with streaming and OpenAIHow to create a streaming chatbot with OpenAI
Consume from Kafka and stream to tableHow to consume messages from a Kafka topic and stream to a Superblocks Table component
Fetch paginated data from Airtable's APIHow to use a loop block to fetch paginated data
Use inline table editing to update Google SheetsHow to use a inline table editing to update a Google Sheets spreadsheet
Display key-value pair data using a Table componentHow to display key-value pair data in a Table
Create a real-time log with Send Blocks and Streaming APIsHow to leverage Send Blocks in Streaming APIs to update data in the frontend in real-time
Access intermediate steps outputHow to access the output from intermediate steps in an API's response
Merge data from multiple data sourcesHow to merge data from multiple data sources