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Using Server Side Pagination for REST APIs

This guide explains how we can take advantage of server side pagination to reduce the resource load on our backend and frontend.


This guide uses the NASA Open APIs project. An API key can be generated on this page: Generate API key.

  1. Create a new table

  2. Add a Backend API with a REST API

  3. Add the URL

  4. Add {{API1.response}} into the table's Table Data

    Setting up table with NASA API.
  5. Now change the Pagination type to server side in the properties panel

    Configuring table with pagination type.
  6. Add the event handler onPageChange, make it run API1

    Configuring table with onPageChange event handler.
  7. Modify the API URL by including the page requested by the user through bindings:{{Table1.pageNo}}&api_key=YOU_API_KEY

    Adding pagination to REST API URL.

The table with server side pagination working:

Table using server side pagination.