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Linking between Applications

The Navigate to App event handler action type is used to link to and pass data to other deployed Superblocks Applications. Users can open up a new application with data stored in query parameters to allow deep linking between applications. This can be triggered on specific actions, such as clicking a row in a table or clicking a button.


To call this programmatically, see navigateTo() from a RunJS function.

Passing data through URL parameters

Use the Query Params setting to pass custom query parameters to the target application.

Navigate to a deployed Superblocks application and pass query parameters to it

Access query parameters from another application

In the target application, use the Global object to access to the previously configured URL parameters:


Example application workflow

The following example shows how to open up another Superblocks application to display more information about a particular user by clicking on a specific row in a table. When a table row is clicked, the Navigate to App action is triggered to open the target deployed application with the the user's email included as a query parameter.

Dynamically provide query parameters when linking to other applications

The target app can use Global.URL.queryParams.user_email to access the user's email from the query parameter. This can be used to create a new API step that queries Postgres for all orders associated with that user.

Retrieve query parameters passed between applications by accessing the global URL query parameters.

Now our users can click on a row in a table in one application to open up a second application to see a list of orders associated with that user.

Create complex applications when passing data between them