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Rate Limits and Quotas


The following does not apply to customers running on the Superblocks On-Premise Agent (OPA).

Limits apply to all API Steps, whether they're in Application Backend APIs, Workflows, or Scheduled Jobs. API steps that hit a limit will fail with an error message and can be found in the audit logs.


Service limits are in place to optimize the performance and stability of Superblocks Cloud. If you need higher service limits for your use case, please reach out to our support team to request a quota increase.


Workflows and Scheduled Jobs have a timeout of 15 minutes. The duration of a single API step cannot exceed 2 minutes (this includes Application Backend API steps as well).

Payload size

The size of an API step's output (return value + console logs) cannot exceed 10MB. API Steps return serialized JSON which is included in this limit, meaning in practice you should not return more than 5MB of data from data sources or language steps. APIs will fail if this API step limit is exceeded.

Note that API Steps limits are only applied to the step output. You can process in excess of 10MB within a step as long as it is not returned.

Returning data from the Application backend to the frontend


The following applies only to organizations whose payload quota is set at > 10 MB.

When returning data from backend API steps to the Application frontend, it is recommended to keep it below 10MB for performance reasons. Returning more data could cause degraded performance for end-users. This may require the use of server-side pagination to limit the payload of the data.

Rate limits

API steps are rate limited. The throughput of steps cannot exceed:

  • 20 per second per user
  • 20 per second per workflow
  • 50 per second per organization