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Secrets Management

Access secrets securely anywhere in Superblocks with Secrets Management. Seamlessly integrate Superblocks with secret managers like AWS Secrets Manager, Google Secret Manager, and Hashicorp Vault to gain frictionless access to your most sensitive credentials, tokens, and API keys.

With Secrets Management, get:

  • Enhanced security: Securely store secrets in trusted secret management systems. Superblocks seamlessly connects to your secret manager, ensuring the confidentiality of your credentials.
  • Streamlined development: Integrations let you easily reference secrets from your secret store in Superblocks. No more copy-pasting or hardcoding credentials.
  • Increased performance: Configure custom caching policies for each environment, reducing the frequency of requests to your secret manager and enhancing API performance.

Setup quickstart‚Äč

Follow these guides to setup Secrets Management with Superblocks:

AWS Secrets Manager

Setup a new secrets store connected to AWS Secrets Manager

Google Secrets Manager

Setup a new secrets store connected to Google Secrets Manager

HashiCorp Vault

Setup a new secrets store connected to HashiCorp Vault