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What is an Application?

A Superblocks application is an internal tool with a user interface that end-users like Support, Sales, Operations will use. Superblocks Applications are comprised of:

  1. A User Interface - this is constructed via Components like Tables, Forms, Charts, or Grids
  2. APIs - this is constructed by querying Databases, Cloud Data Warehouses, Internal APIs, 3rd Party APIs, Spreadsheets, and Cloud Storage (see Integrations)

User Interface

You can drag and drop components from the left side of the screen onto the canvas and configure properties in the right pane. Learn more


You can add steps to query across any datastore and merge data (Database, Cloud Data Warehouse, Internal & 3rd Party API, Spreadsheets, Cloud Storage).

Within any API Step, you can also reference:

  • Previous steps with the step name like {{get_order_shipment.output}}
  • UI components like {{}}
  • Javascript libraries like Lodash, Moment
  • Python libraries like Pandas, NumPy