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Deploying the On-premise Agent

Deploy the on-premise agent to secure workloads inside your own infrastructure.


  • An account and adequate permission to create new services within your cloud provider (ex: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc)
  • Admin permissions in your Superblocks organization
  • Ability to create DNS records for your company's DNS provider (if you plan to create a custom domain for your agent)

Required knowledge

Deploying and managing Superblocks On-premise Agents requires knowledge of how to manage and scale cloud infrastructure. Usually this means the OPA is deployed by a DevOps engineer or someone with equivalent experience. Knowledge and experience with specific services will depend on the cloud provider and components being deployed, but should generally include familiarity with:

  • Running containerized services using Docker, Kubernetes, or a container management service such as ECS Fargate or Google Cloud Run
  • Configuring DNS records in your domain registrar (ex: Route53, Google Domains, etc)
  • Configuring and managing SSL certificates
  • Experience configuring a network loadbalancer or reverse proxy

Deployment methods

For a production deployment, use one of the following options depending on your infrastructure.

Alternatively, a deployment is available for local testing.