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Build AI-powered Tools with GPT-4 and Superblocks

Connect OpenAI APIs to Superblocks’ rich library of UI components and Integrations to ship any internal Application, Workflow or Scheduled Job powered by AI.

Use cases for AI-powered tools

Whether you're in healthcare, finance, or any other industry, AI-powered internal tools can help you make data-driven decisions, automate tasks, and improve the overall efficiency of your business operations. Examples include:

  • Fintech: Use GPT-4 to identify potential fraud or suspicious activity, improving risk management and security operations.
  • Insurance: Use GPT-4 to analyze claims data submitted by customers to improve claims processing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Software Development: Use GPT-4 to analyze code quality and suggest improvements, improving the code review process and reducing errors.
  • E-Commerce: Use GPT-4 to analyze customer support tickets and suggest responses, improving customer support operations and reducing response times.
  • Healthcare: Use GPT-4 to convert medical terminology into standardized codes for billing and reimbursement purposes.

Connect seamlessly to any OpenAI API

OpenAI's dynamic nature means they are constantly releasing new models and deprecating old ones, posing a challenge for users relying on their APIs. With Superblocks, you can connect to any OpenAI API seamlessly and be confident that all new models will be made available fast through our intuitive UI. We take care of keeping up with OpenAI's latest releases so you can focus on creating AI-powered internal tools tailored to your unique needs.

Build copilot experiences on top of GPT-4

Integrate our Chat component with GPT-4 to create a copilot experience in your internal tools. By communicating through natural language, team members can easily request information, ask the AI assistant to perform tasks, and receive real-time updates on their projects. The AI assistant's natural language processing capabilities also enable team members to analyze large amounts of data and gain valuable insights:

Generate text, images, and code

Leverage powerful AI models such as GPT-4 for code generation, text-davinci-003 to generate text, and DALL-E for image generation in you Superblocks Apps. Never have you been able to build more powerful internal tools with less effort. Superblocks intuitive integration with OpenAI allows you to build tools that make your team more efficient and productive:

Add prompt intelligence from databases and APIs

Build AI-powered internal tools on top of your own data with ease using database integrations including Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, as well as data from any internal or third-party API including Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack. With Superblocks you take AI from the testing ground to production on an Enterprise scale unblocking the full potential of AI in your organization.

Supercharge internal tool development using Superblocks Copilot

Superblocks AI enables creators to build even faster on Superblocks by allowing them to quickly generate code, explain existing code, or produce mock data. Additionally, we have a Superblocks Copilot coming soon that will enable users to create internal tools via a Chat-GPT like experience.

Start building AI-powered tools

Build your first AI-powered internal tool in minutes with Superblocks. Follow an end-to-end tutorial learn how to build a Fintech support application powered by GPT-4 or start building your own AI-powered internal tool today.

OpenAI Integration

Use the OpenAI Integration to build tools similar to ChatGPT in Superblocks.

Setting up the out-of-the-box OpenAI Integrations in Superblocks to connect to any OpenAI API is as easy as adding you OpenAI API key and setting a name for the Integration. You can then use the OpenAI API in your Superblocks Apps to generate text, images, and code.

Chat Component


The Chat Component can be used with GPT-3.5, GPT-4, or any other AI model that generates chat responses.

The Chat Component documentation allows you to add ChatGPT-like experiences in your Superblocks Applications. You can use it to build Copilot experiences for any internal team and use case. Leverage the power of GPT-4 to interact with any internal tool using natural language.

Enterprise-grade security around AI

Easily share your AI-powered applications with your organization using granular Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC), use Audit Logs and Observability to identify errors quickly, allow internal users to access Apps via Single-Sign-On, manage roles and users using SCIM, and use the Superblocks On-premise Agent to protect your sensitive data.

Additional resources

Learn more about how to leverage AI for your internal tools here: