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Intercom to Zendesk

Open a Zendesk Ticket when an Intercom chat conversation is closed

In the Intercom Developer hub, we have an app configured with a webhook that posts to a Superblocks workflow URL when a conversation is closed.

Connect Intercom to Zendesk with webhooks and workflows

In Superblocks, the workflow contains multiple steps to get the conversation details via the Intercom API, parse the conversation parts to create an enriched message using Python, then create / update a ticket with a REST API call to Zendesk.

Workflow parsing Intercom conversation and posting to Zendesk

After closing the Intercom conversation, the customer now receives a well formatted email of their chat transcript and can reach back out on the thread if necessary. Similarly, our support team has this conversation in their Zendesk records for tracking, and also has an easy way to continue the conversation with the customer should the issue need further investigation or require additional follow up.

Formatted Zendesk ticket from Intercom conversation