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Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Error message: "Failed to connect to the agents."

When you see this error message, this points to a networking issue, however, we'll need more information in order to further troubleshoot where the connection issue is occurring. One major piece of information is a HAR (HTTP Archive) file. In order to collect a HAR file, you can follow the instructions from Google to do so on Chrome, or find your browser's specific steps to collect it.

Once the HAR file is generated, you can send it to our support team via a ticket and we'd be happy to help investigate. Some basic steps that we'll take when looking through it are as follows:

  1. Check HTTP status codes
  2. Check to see if there is anything interesting with regard to time taken/responses/etc
  3. Pay attention to the response headers - in this example, a 504 was coming from an Amazon ELB, and not the agent, which pointed to a timeout setting too short on the Amazon ELB side