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Global Edge Network

The Superblocks Edge Network helps you reduce latency and optimize performance no matter where your team or data centers are located.

With Superblocks, your Applications are cached close to your end-users while APIs are sent to regions close to your agents. You get best-in-class performance for your globally distributed team without the added maintenance and infra costs typically associated with multi-region deployments.


The Superblocks Edge Network caches serve as a Content Distribution Network (CDN) for your Superblocks Applications and APIs. No set-up or configuration is required, Applications and APIs are cached out of the box for you.

When your Application is deployed a static build is automatically cached at the edge globally after the first user loads the App in a region. After that point, all users in that region will load the Application from the edge cache instead of Superblocks servers, reducing latency loading applications.

For On-Premise customers, API definitions are cached at the edge node closest to your agent after the first request is made to execute a particular API. If multiple agents are deployed in different regions, the agent will fetch the API from its nearest edge cache.

The cache for Applications and APIs is automatically purged when new versions are deployed so you always are served the latest version.

By fetching Application and APIs at the edge you can be sure that your Applications load as quickly as possible and APIs are executed efficiently no matter where you agents are deployed.

Region List

Superblocks has Edge Network caches in the following regions:

Region NameRegion LocationAvailability
us-west-2US West (Oregon)General availability
us-east-1US East (N. Virginia)General availability
eu-west-1Europe (Ireland)General availability
me-south-1Middle East (Bahrain)General availability
ap-east-1Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)General availability
sa-east-1South America (São Paulo)Beta access
ap-south-1Asia Pacific (Mumbai)Beta access
ap-northeast-1Asia Pacific (Tokyo)Beta access
ap-southeast-2Asia Pacific (Sydney)Beta access

If you're interested in using any of the beta regions, please don't hesitate to email us at