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Audit Logging

Search the logs of every user action in your internal Applications, Workflows, and Scheduled Jobs execution history. Use Audit Logs to quickly identify errors in your Applications, Workflows, and Scheduled Jobs. It's a great tool for troubleshooting any API errors, especially for scheduled jobs/workflows that run during off-hours.

Audit logging provides full execution history of Applications, Scheduled Jobs and Workflows for compliance and troubleshooting

When you have errors from an API within your application, you'll see that the Name shows as Application Name -> API name. This is so you know which API failed from within your application, here's an example: Example error in a Superblocks application caused by an error in Step 1


Audit logs are only visible to those with Build permissions for a specific Application, Workflow, or Scheduled Job. See our permissions table here.

Audit Log Features‚Äč

Audit Log Feature
DateThe timestamp when the user action occurred.
NameThe name of the Application, Workflow, or Scheduled job that is linked to the user action. This is a clickable link for easy navigation. This field is searchable.
Triggered byThe instance that triggered the user action.
ModeThe mode of the instance, can be deployed or testing.
StatusThe status of the event, can be success, running, or error.
Error MessageAny errors thrown during a run of an API will appear here.
Execution TimeThe amount of time the API request took to run.