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Efficiently debug your Superblocks Applications using the Debugging Panel. Access a comprehensive list of errors and navigate directly to the frontend or backend code responsible for the error by clicking on the link provided in the error tab.

How to use the Debugger

The Debugger will indicated the number of detected errors via a red icon located next to the debugger-icon in the left-handed navigation bar:

The left-hand sidebar displays the debugger icon indicating that two errors have been detected in the application.

Click on the debugger-icon to open the debugger panel. The errors detected in the Superblocks Application will be listed under the Errors tab:

The debugger panel has been opened, revealing details about the detected errors.

Navigate to the frontend component or backend api causing the error by clicking the link in the error description:

The user is navigating to the frontend component causing the error by clicking the provided link.

Supported errors

Currently, the debugger supports "static errors" meaning all errors that are tied to an entity, like evaluation and validations errors for frontend components, or backend api execution errors:

  • Validation errors
  • Dependency errors
  • Evaluation errors