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Build Real-Time Streaming Apps

Operationalize data streams across internal tools seamlessly to build real-time UIs and best-in-class AI experiences.


Real-time streaming apps in Superblocks empower stakeholders across the enterprise to operationalize streaming data more efficiently:

  • CTOs and Data Leaders can extract greater value from investments in modern streaming technologies faster at a lower cost, as their teams develop more streaming apps at a higher velocity
  • Developers are empowered to build streaming apps without expertise, broadening the skillset of developers across organizations
  • Business users get access to real-time insights within internal tools, enabling them to make more informed decisions and provide a superior customer experience

Surface real-time insights effortlessly

Stream data to front-end components without WebSockets, HTTP/2, Server-Sent Events, browser memory concerns, or any other overhead.

Learn how to stream data to your App UI.

Transform data in motion

Consume live updates, apply custom logic, and stream data to your app front-end or produce to a stream.

Learn how to read, process, and write streaming data.

Stream AI-generated responses

Stream responses from AI models like ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude for best-in-class UX across chat, analysis, and content generation.

Learn how to build a real-time streaming chatbot with OpenAI.

Connect to any streaming platform

Consume from and produce to streaming platforms like Kafka, Confluent, Kinesis, OpenAI, Google Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ, Redpanda, Redis Streams, AWS SNS & SQS, Azure Event Hubs, Databricks, Apache Pulsar, Rockset, MongoDB, and more.

Learn how to connect to Streaming Integrations.

Library of streaming integrations in Superblocks