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Configuring IP allowlists

When using Superblocks' cloud-only deployment model, it is vital that Superblocks is able to connect to your configured integrations. In order to keep your environment secure the following IP addresses must be added to an allowlist within your environment.

NAT hostnameCurrent DNSLast Recorded IPs
nat.superblocks.comA Records107.22.228.244

While we do our best to never change these addresses, the best way to keep an updated allowlist is to use the current A records for the NAT hostname shown above.

A simple implementation guide is found below for both AWS and GCP.

  • Log in to the AWS Console
  • Navigate to the resource that you would like Superblocks to connect to
  • If you are applying an allowlist to an RDS instance, the instance must be set to Publicly accessible (this is found under Connectivity -> Additional configuration)

  • Select an existing Security Group or create a new one
  • Select the Inbound tab at the bottom and click edit

  • Choose the port to connect over (defaults for Postgres: 5432, MySQL: 3306, MSSQL: 1433)
  • Set Source to Custom and enter the following IP addresses,,,,,,,,

  • Click Save rules